Ramsey Resources offers a wide variety of digital services and products.  The possibilities are almost endless!  As you will see, each of our products and services come with a list of options tailored to the product type.  Products and options are continually being updated to ensure that every Ramsey Resources customer stays completive and versatile in the ever-changing digital world.  Please use the side links to learn more about each of the services.


 As always, Ramsey Resources still provides professional film processing and proofing.  You may now have your film processed, as in the past, and then scanned to transform your film images into digital images. Once scanned, you will be capable of accessing all the digital products options offered by Ramsey Resources.


 While our Art Department is still available to retouch your finished prints, digital retouching is quickly becoming the preferred choice.  Why?  Three reasons may be all you need; cost, achievability, and the ability to accomplish retouching techniques not available with print retouching. The digital retouching option may often cost less since the digital artwork, once completed and saved as a digital file, may be used to print multiple copies and print sizes, including reorders placed days or weeks later with no additional art charges.  In addition to the usual 'blemish removal,' etc., digital retouching offers a wide variety of creative options.  Colorization, background changes, removing objects or people, is just the beginning of the exciting services available. 


A unique feature that stems from digital retouching is our ability to restore mildly damaged or worn photographs.  After scanning your original print, our digital artists do their best to bring the original look back to your photograph. Your original print remains untouched.  This service benefits many.  Even if restoration in not needed, you may opt to have prints scanned simply because the film is no longer available and you would like to revive your treasured family images. (Copyrighted material may not be reproduced without a written release.  Large prints requiring more than one scan will be charged accordingly.) 


 Any image brought into the lab; scanned film, print scans, or digital files, can be saved to a CD or DVD.  Once your order has completed it's process in the lab, we highly recommend the finished images be archived. This enables you to keep the images, as long as you so choose, without losing the artwork.  The color correcting, retouching, etc., is completed once and reproduced as needed for any future orders from your CD/DVD.  This feature also gives you the ease of sharing the images, either in your studio or through the web, with your customer. You may choose the option of using images rendered to web size to prevent copying.


 Ramsey Resources most innovating digital service is our Ramsey ROES Program.  This program is the answer to every busy photographer's prayers.  A complete ordering system, Ramsey ROES can make ordering no longer a chore.  Downloadable through this web site, the program is not only easy to understand, it is available to all users free of charge.   A Remote Order Entry System, Ramsey ROES takes the complexity of any size order and reduces it to a minimum.  Less time, less paperwork, less money – for what more could you ask?  Orders can be placed and sent on-line at your convenience and order information is kept in your system for the length of time you choose.  Your studio information is kept and sent automatically with each order (including wallet logos!), as well as billing and shipping preferences, both of which can be changed per order if needed.  You can choose to have the lab correct your images or print them as you send them, both being less costly than traditional ordering, the latter even more so.  Ramsey ROES has so much to offer and is so easy to use!   Whatever you need to keep your customers happy and eager to return, Ramsey ROES can make it happen.  Whomever your clientele, products ranging from simple proofs to enlargements and a wide variety of graphics will keep them coming back for more!  Try Ramsey ROES – once quickly mastered, you will want it to be your primary production tool.