For those more comfortable with their film cameras, but wanting the range of digital printing options, Ramsey Resources provides professional film scanning. Many of you may have already had film scanned, but are simply not aware. All film orders coming in to the lab (with the exception of proof orders requesting optical printing) are currently being scanned, changing them to digital images.

Film can be scanned for proofing, which makes the entire order process simpler. Your film is processed, as before, and then spliced together to form one continuous roll. Once spliced, the film is edited. This step prepares the film, eliminates "no prints" from being scanned, and allows us to see the images to determine crop and number of images before actually scanning. The full frame of each image is scanned and printed, then saved. (Cropping is done for final prints and is so much easier - no more cutting and carding those negs!) Any of our digital products are now at your fingertips, most importantly, the ability to complete your order using our Ramsey ROES ROES program.

For film orders not scanned at the point of proofing, (which we highly recommend) individual negatives are scanned after being mounted on the proper crop card. This allows you to determine the final look of the print, just as you did for optical printing. The same cards are used and cropping guidelines remain as before. The film scanner captures the image and changes it to a digital file. While scanning, any surface dust is removed, eliminating the need for 'spotting' the finished prints as with optical printing. Once scanned, the images are prepared for printing, sent on to the printer, and saved in your customer file.