You can change the size of either side of the window by clicking on the black arrows between the two.  Need a larger image window?  Make it fill the screen until you’ve found the item you need.  The product display side can be made larger in the same manner, but it will not affect the size of the product.  To make the product larger, click on the down arrow below the product.  While this will increase the size of the product, it will also remove all of the tool bars from the screen.

You can change the size of the images in Ramsey ROES by using the Zoom button below the image portion of the screen.  If you have many images, you can zoom out far enough to leave only the image numbers listed.  You will still need only ‘drag & drop’ to put the image in the products.

Once an image has been used in a product, a dark blue frame will apear around the thumbnail image. This will help you keep track of what images have previously been selected without having to repeatedly refer back to the Review Order page.

You can select random multiple images by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then clicking on the desired images.  All the images will be highlighted and can be moved in a group to the product selected.  This is a great help when you have a number of images that all need the same product.  After dragging multiple images into the product, you will be asked if you intended to do so – answer accordingly.  These items will automatically be Added to Order.  You will, however, need to Review Order and select images that need centering or any other adjustment.  Just Save Changes!

To select multiple images in consecutive order, as you might do for a proof page or book, click on the first image needed to highlight it.  Press the Shift button on the keyboard and then click on the last image needed.  All of the images between the two selected will be highlighted and can be dragged to the product side.  Or if you would like to select all the images click Ctrl + A on your keyboard and then drag them to the Image Layout Area. The images will automatically fill in numerical order.  You will again be asked if you intended to choose more than one image and if the product being filled is correct.  All of the pages that are filled will be automatically Added to Order.  Pages that are not filled can be added to the order by pressing the Alt key on the keyboard and clicking the Add to Order button.  This an excellent time saver when setting up proofs of any sort, not just the proof pages.

For proof orders that needs digital art work, we very strongly suggest having the finished proof images put on a CD or DVD.  This will enable you to place your final order from the corrected images – not the originals.  Though there is a minimal fee for the CD or DVD, this will eliminate the need for retouching the images a second time, easily recovering the cost.

 When reordering from a Ramsey ROES order that has had digital art work, please call the lab!  While this may seem out of the ordinary, it is actually the easiest and least confusing approach.  If you simply resend the order or set up the same products again, you will be sending your original images that have not yet been retouched.  By calling the lab, we can get the information needed and send the order through using the finished images.  This, again, eliminates the need for further retouching charges. 

We hope you’ll use the following hints and suggestions to help ease the process of product creating and order building.  While there are several listed here, we’re sure you may have questions that will remind us of even more.  Please feel free to call the lab with any questions or ideas you may have.  We’ll be happy to hear any suggestions you feel will make the process easier for you and the lab, as well as our other customers

Most importantly, set aside some time to review everything you have just learned.  This program may seem overwhelming to the newcomer, but it is actually very user friendly, simple to learn and fun to use.  Once you know it, you won’t be able to leave it alone.  The options are endless and so are the products you can create.  Give yourself time to play.  Start small.  Don’t pick a huge order for your first attempt.  Work your way up to the big leagues and you’ll already feel like a pro when you get there!

Now, for some specific features the Ramsey ROES Program has to offer, read on.

Many of our customers enjoy experimenting with PhotoShop.  Keep in mind that if you create an altered image and have it printed as well as the original, retouching will have to be done to BOTH images and you will be charged accordingly.  Confused?  Here’s a quick example.  If you vignette an image in PhotoShop and send both the original and the vignetted image you created, (perhaps in two different sizes) both will need retouching.   However, if you let the Ramsey ROES program alter the item, the retouching done to the original will also appear in the vignette.  This is also true with images you would like converted to black and white.  Letting the Ramsey ROES program do your work will save you both time and money!

Digital retouching on any image will appear on every print ordered from that image!  Unlike print retouching, digital retouching is done once and effects every item containing that image.  You are charged per image, not per item – more money saved!  This is a time saver, as well, in that directions for retouching need to be given only once per image, not every time that image is selected. 

When ordering an image that needs ANY kind of color, send the color image in a color item.  Many customers choose to have an image colorized; changed to black and white with a selected feature left in color.  Even though your image is in color, if you select a black and white product, Ramsey ROES will change the image back to black and white after it has been colorized!   While we can replace the product at this end so it prints as ordered, it is faster and easier for all if it is sent correctly in the first place.

Making sure orders are printed properly is a priority here at Ramsey Resources.   Help us help you get things back right the first time!  There are several places to send us messages.  Please review the tutorial to see where your messages and requests are located in your paperwork once it is printed.  Placement is the key for many options, especially retouching, which needs to be completed before anything else can be done to your images and the order.