Professional Album Page design is easy through Ramsey ROES. By selecting the Scalable layout catalogue you will find unlimited resources to help you design the perfect album pages.
Multi-size album pages offer creative templates with a multitude of image configurations. Just drag and drop your images to achieve the professional look of a single or multi-image insert
Flush Mount Pages offer your customer the very popular look found within the new iMount Book Album. Your customer through Ramsey ROES can view the album page designs.
Panoramic Page layouts are popular design creating a continual flow of creative design on side-to-side pages of the album.
Options offered for scalable layouts include background colors, opacity, edge trim, foreground fill colors, and masks. Sepia tinting and BW changes are available to some or all images.
Sizes offered include 12x12 pages with 12x24 panoramic page, 10x10 pages with 10x20 panoramic page, 8x8 pages with 8x16 panoramic page, 8x10, 3x3, 5x5, 5x10, and 10.8x10.8
Full Album Assembly and Page Design is offered by the lab to assist the busy photographer. This service allows studio work to be completed by the lab, therefore, delivering a completed ready to deliver album.
Album Assembly Services:

iMount Albums are an exciting new product line available at Ramsey Resources. These flush mount albums are produced by Art Leather (a leading name in Album manufacturing). The i mount albums utilize a direct mount process as opposed to the inserts found in traditional albums. Much like a typical mount-board, these pages peel-and-stick that allows the print to cover the entire dimension of the album page rather than merely a portion of the page. With the variety of flush mount page templates found in Ramsey ROES you’re sure to create a iMount Book Album to compliment any wedding or other special occasion. The finished results provide a stunning album for your customer.