Ramsey Resources Photo Imaging is prepared to provide premium optical proof printing for customers not yet ready to make the jump to digital.  As in the past, every image is analyzed, tested, and corrected accordingly to produce quality proofs.  While optical proofing has, for a long time, been the only way to show your customers their images, digital proofing is quickly taking over and will very likely be the only proofing option offered by Ramsey Resources in the near future.  For those of you hesitant about the idea of "going digital," keep in mind that, though your proofing is currently being printed optically, your final orders are not!  Film orders entering the lab are now scanned and printed digitally.  Knowing that you are already 'partially digital' will hopefully make the final switch not such a difficult move!

  • We process your film and scan it to make image files and a high resolution CD. Your files are kept on our server for 6 months.
  • Your film is returned sleeved and uncut.  Proofs can be ordered at time of processing or you can send in your edited images later with Ramsey ROES software.
  • Images can be retouched, edited, and manipulated, as you need by using the Ramsey ROES system.
  • Previously processed carded negatives, long roll and short roll film jobs can also be scanned and Images saved to CD, enabling the use of the Ramsey ROES software.