The first time you launch the application it will happen by clicking a link on Ramsey Resources web site.  When you click the link the Ramsey ROES system will check your computer to see if you have a proper version of Java already installed.  If you do not, it will first download and run a Java Installer. 
When you click Install the system will then proceed to download the Java installer.  This is a fairly large download and only happens the first time you run the application (unless you subsequently delete Java from your machine).
To begin loading Java on to your machine select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click Next.
When asked to choose the setup that best suits your needs, select Typical and then click Next button.
Depending on your internet connection speed this can take a few seconds or up to a few minutes.
Once Java is installed on your computer click the Finish button to close the InstallShield Wizard window.
Upon closing the InstallShield Wizard the Java Web Start window will open and begin loading. At which time Java Web Start will warn you the program is asking for unrestricted access to your computer.
By clicking Start you're allowing Ramsey ROES to read your image files stored on your computer so you may then use the program to create your orders.