While our Art Department is still available to retouch your finished prints, digital retouching is quickly becoming the preferred choice.  Why?  Two reasons may be all you need; cost and creative options.  Though the initial charge for some retouching may seem higher, keep in mind that once an image has been retouched, it stays that way.  Any size print featuring the retouched image will include the artwork, including reorders placed days or weeks later.  The cost is no longer per print - you pay per image.  In addition to the usual 'blemish removal,' etc., digital retouching offers a wide variety of creative options.  Colorization, background changes, removing objects or people, and double exposures are just the beginning of the exciting services available. There is little that digital retouching cannot accomplish!

Basic Retouching

Light Retouching

Additional Heads

 Acne, heavy wrinkles, shine

Older subjects retouching

Chin & jaw defining– shadows, turkey neck

Glass glare simple or glass tintlight

Glass glare (eye rebuild) From, or heavy tinted glasses with eyes not visible.

Braces removed simple

Braces Complex

Stray hair simple to complex

Clothing adjustment or Subject contouring

Background extensions

Remove Small Objects

Background replacement

Add or remove a person

Head switch

Open or replace eyes

Blown – out area on high key minor

Blown out areas more complex (multiple subjects)

 Moire pattern from image

Remove digital camera dust

Adding text or graphic to groups

Sharpening (not Photoshop)